Commercial and Business Agreements

As commercial lawyers, we specialise in advising on, and preparing, a wide range of commercial and business agreements between the parties involved and understand the need for your contractual documents and contract terms to be robust to protect your business and your brand.

Commercial Agreement Solicitors

Essential for Your Business

We work with you to understand your business (whether you are a small business owner or running a larger business), particularly your risk exposure, in order to ensure that this is reflected in your contractual documentation.

Commercial agreements and legal contracts are essential for all types of businesses and cover all aspects of the operations of a business. They can take many forms from signed formal agreements, to letters and business terms and conditions, including terms of use and terms of service.

Our business lawyers understand the need for your contractual documents to be robust so that they accurately reflect your contractual arrangements as they are fundamental to the success of your business. A successful business is underpinned by a strong contractual base, and drafting contracts is at the heart of the services that we as a business law firm provide.

We work with you to identify your key priorities and risks and give legal advice to ensure that the commercial agreements between your business and its suppliers and clients are fit for purpose and work effectively to protect your business and your brand. Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements needs to be done carefully to accurately reflect your specific business needs; they also need to take into account changes to the law.

Different Types of Commercial Agreements

We prepare a wide range of commercial agreements for your business needs which includes terms and conditions of business for business-to-business contracts and terms and conditions of business for business to consumer contracts; supply and purchase agreements; agency and distribution agreements; outsourcing agreements; service contracts and agreements and other internal agreements.

We also advise you on the requirements for creating an effective contract so that all the terms are incorporated into the contract and the contract is enforceable and legally binding.

Standard terms and conditions of business may seem to be just that – standard documents that are the same for all businesses. However, there is no “one size fits all”. Terms and conditions of business, as with all commercial contracts, need to be tailored to accurately reflect your own business’s specific arrangements.

Our specialist agreement and contract lawyers can work with you to identify key priorities and risks and ensure that your terms and conditions are fit for purpose.

We also provide legal advice on joint ventures, seed investments, insolvency and dispute resolution, as well as matters pertaining to property, such as disagreements between landlords and tenants.

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